Print a Single Form

There are different methods for printing forms:

  • You can print a batch of forms from the Select a Report or Form window.
  • You can print a batch of forms from a navigation aid.
  • You can print a batch of forms from some task windows.
  • You can print an individual form from a task or maintenance window.

The method below describes how to print an individual form from various Sage 50 task or maintenance windows.

  1. Depending on the type of form you want to print, open and display the transaction in its corresponding window.
    • To print a new transaction's form, open and display the corresponding task window, then enter the new transaction information.
    • To display a previously entered transaction, you can select the Open or List toolbar button in its respective task window to search and display the transaction. You can also double-click the transaction in a displayed report to display the transaction in its corresponding task window.

    Drill down on transactions in displayed reports

  2. With the transaction displayed, click Print to print the transaction's corresponding form.
  3. The Print\Preview Forms window appears. It displays the number of the next form to print.

    • If you have not entered a form number (for example, an invoice or check number) for the transaction, Sage 50 will use the next sequential form number based on the last form printed. You can change this number unless the form is a sales order, in which case you won't be able to change the number.
    • If you have entered the form number in the task window, or if you are working with a preexisting form that already has a form number assigned to it, then Sage 50 will use this number; you will not be able to change it.
  4. To choose a form to print, select the Select Form button.
  5. The Form Selector window appears, letting you choose from a list of available forms.

    Note: Once you have printed a form for the first time, the Use this form field will display the name of the last form type printed—for example, Invoice Continuous.

  6. To change printers or print properties, select the Printer Setup button.
  7. To redesign the form, select Form Design.
  8. The Forms Design window appears.

  9. To print a sample form using placeholder text instead of actual data, select Print Sample. This allows you to verify the alignment of the form before you print the actual form.
  10. To print an actual copy of the form, select Print.
  11. After the form is printed, the transaction is posted (or saved). Then, Sage 50 displays a blank task window.