Design a Form

A form in Sage 50 is a document that you exchange with customers, vendors, or employees. The forms that come with Sage 50 include checks, tax forms, invoices, statements, mailing labels, quotes, and collection letters.

Note: You cannot modify the standard forms that are included with Sage 50. This prevents you from losing a necessary form accidentally. You can, however, create a custom form by saving a standard form with a different name. If you delete a standard form accidentally, you can reinstall Sage 50 and select the Repair option.

  1. From the Reports & Forms menu, select Forms and then select the type of form you want to design. Then, select the form from the Forms list. For detailed instructions, see:

    Select a report, form, or financial statement to design

  2. Select the Customize button located below the sample form image on the Select a Report or Form window to display the window where you can design forms.

    Note: You can design forms in certain task windows (for example, Sales/Invoicing, and Payments, and Payroll Entry) by selecting the Print button, then Form Design on the Print dialog.

    In the Forms Design window you have several options available for modifying your forms. To the left of the Forms Design window (by default) are design tools. These assist in selecting and adding various types of form objects.

  3. To select an object for customizing, use the Selection tool. With your mouse pointer, you can drag and drop objects to move them around.
  4. You can also right-click your mouse when selecting a form object to display object properties and format options.
  5. Click the Options button at the top of the Forms Design window to display format and design options.
    • Select the Display tab to select various display options.
    • Select the Grid/Copies tab to adjust grid options and specify a default number of copies for this form.
  6. When finished selecting the form options, click OK to return to the Forms Design window.
  7. When finished designing your form, click Save. Enter a unique name for your form and an (optional) description. Then click OK.
  8. Click Close to return to the Select a Report or Form window.
  9. The new form appears in the Forms list of the Select a Report or Form window.