Inventory > Set Up Master Stock and Substock Items

Set Up Master Stock and Substock Items

Use this procedure to set up a master stock item and the substock items automatically generated from it.

  1. From the Maintain menu, select Inventory Items. Sage 50 displays the Maintain Inventory Items window.
  2. In the Header Fields section, enter an item ID and description for the new master stock item.
  3. Use the Item Class drop-down list to select Master Stock Item.
  4. On the General and Custom Fields tabs, enter any needed information about the item you're setting up.
  5. Select the Item Attributes tab.
  6. In the Primary Attributes group box, enter the name of the primary attribute set (for example, Color).
  7. In the ID field, enter an identifier for the first attribute you want to add.
  8. In the Description field, enter a description for the first attribute.
  9. Now, to add the attribute to the list of primary attributes, select Add.
  10. Note: To remove an attribute once added, select it in the attribute list box, and then select the Remove button.

  11. Repeat steps 6 through 9 for any additional attributes you want to add to the list.
  12. In the Secondary Attributes group box, repeat steps 6 through 10 to add secondary attributes for the master stock item.
  13. When finished adding attributes, save the master stock item.
  14. Note: The Created Substock Items table at the bottom of the window lists by item ID all substock items that are automatically generated when you save the new master stock item. This table displays the primary and secondary attributes that govern each substock item and also shows the quantity on hand for each listed item. To make any of these substock items inactive, select the Inactive check box in the last column.

    Important! Substock items are created only from a related master stock item; they cannot be created independently of a master stock item. Also, you can't delete a substock item once created. The only way to delete a substock item is to remove the master stock item attribute or attributes that define the substock item. Say the substock item is based on a master stock item size attribute (for example, LARGE). To delete the substock item, you would have to remove the LARGE attribute from the master stock item; see the Note to step 9 above.