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Set Up an Assembly Item

An assembly is made up of other items in your inventory; so when you build an assembly item, you can only build as many as you have components. For example, if you were putting together 200 TV/VCR assemblies and you only have 50 VCRs, you'll only be allowed to build up to 50 TV/VCR assemblies.

There are two steps to creating an assembly item: 1) define the items (components) the assembly contains, and 2) build the assembly. Additionally, you can purchase prebuilt "assemblies."

To set up and define an assembly item

  1. Click the Assemblies navigation aid on the Inventory & Services Navigation Center and select Set Up Items for Assembly.
  2. Enter an item ID and description for the assembly item, and select Assembly as the item class.

  3. Enter any other information about the assembly item. You can use the Setup Advisor located on the right-hand side of the screen to guide you.
  4. After you finish filling out the item information, select the Bill of Materials tab. Don't click Save; saving the item at this point will cause it to become a stock item instead of an assembly item.
  5. Select item IDs for existing stock items or assemblies only, and enter the quantity. Press ENTER. Do this for each item that makes up the assembly.
  6. When you're finished entering the assembly item, click Save.