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Print and/or Email a Batch of Forms from the Select a Report or Form window

There are two methods for printing or emailing forms: print or email an individual form from various task windows or print or email a batch of forms from the Select a Report or Form window.

You can also print a batch of forms from any of the navigation aids (such as Sales, Purchases, or Payroll) that permit form printing. How do I do this?

Tip: You cannot print receipts in a batch. Instead, you have to print them one at a time from the Receive Money window. See Print a Receipt.

To print or email a batch of forms

Important! If emailing forms, ensure you have entered an email address for the customer in their customer record.

  1. From the Reports & Forms menu, select Forms and then the type of form (Invoices and Packing Slips, Checks, Credit Memos) you want to print.

    Sage 50 displays the Select a Report or Form window with the form type selected. The Forms list displays forms pertaining to the respective form type selected.

    There are many form types. You can switch among them at any time in this window. Selecting a new form type displays a different list of forms.

  2. Select the desired form in the Forms list; then, click Preview and Print.
  3. The form Preview and Print filter window appears. Enter your filter selections, then select Print/Email.

    Learn more about the Email Options tab. In the Preview and Print window, you can also align the form on the Print Setup tab.

  4. Sage 50 displays the Print dialog indicating the current default printer setting. To change the printer selection, use the drop-down list in the Name field. Otherwise, click OK to begin printing the forms based on your filter selection.

    If the transaction does not have a reference number assigned (for example, an invoice number or check number), then the transaction will be assigned the next available reference number before printing. If the transaction already has a reference number assigned, the form will print with the word "Duplicate" included. In the case of duplicate checks, "Void" will print in the signature area.

  5. After the forms finish printing or sending, Sage 50 prompts with a print and/or email confirmation message. If the forms printed and/or emailed properly, click Yes to save the transactions.