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Available in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher.

Create Paychecks Using Time-Ticket Hours

If you have employees who enter time tickets for hours worked on projects, you can create paychecks based on the hours recorded on time tickets during a payroll period.

Warning! To enter time-ticket-based paychecks, the employee must be set up with the Hourly - Time Ticket Hours payment method before you begin payroll entry.

  1. From the Tasks menu, select Payroll Entry. Sage 50 displays the Payroll Entry window.
  2. Enter or select the employee ID you want to pay.

    If the employee is set up to be paid based on time ticket hours, Uses Time Tickets Hours will appear in red to the right of the employee name. The time-ticket hours worked will appear in the appropriate hourly pay level based on how the time ticket was entered.

  3. Verify that the total hours worked is correct for each hourly pay level. Make appropriate changes.

    Note: If an employee works overtime, you may need to adjust hours to the appropriate hourly pay levels. For example, if a weekly employee records time tickets adding up to 45 hours, all using the same pay level, all 45 hours will appear in the single pay level during payroll entry. If this is the case, you will need to adjust the hours to 40 Regular pay level and 5 Overtime pay level.

    If time tickets use a pay level that contains a pay rate undefined in Maintain Employees/Sales Reps, then the time ticket will not be included when calculating total time-ticket hours worked in payroll entry.

  4. If some or all of the employee time tickets were based on jobs rather than customers, select the Jobs button. Sage 50 displays the Labor Distribution to Jobs window. All time tickets recorded by this employee during the payroll period that are posted to jobs are listed. Verify that the job assignments and hours are accurate. Then, click OK.

    Note: You can optionally add or modify hours worked if the employee worked additional hours (non-time-ticket hours) during the payroll period. However, if you adjust the totals of time-ticket hours recorded for this payroll period, your Time/Expense reports may display conflicting information. Also, changes made to the labor distribution to jobs do not affect existing time tickets.

  5. When finished, select Print to begin printing the paycheck. If you are not ready to print the check, select Save. This will still post the check to the general ledger.

    Once the paycheck is saved, all time tickets used by this paycheck are marked as Has Been Used in Payroll in the Time Ticket window. These time tickets cannot be used again unless you manually clear the Has this ticket been applied to Payroll check box.

    Note: Changes made to the hours in the Payroll Entry window do not affect existing time tickets. These time tickets will still reflect the original durations.