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Microsoft Office 365 Integration

With seamless integration between Sage 50 and Office 3651 You need a service plan that includes Office 365 Integration. Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is required., you can work anywhere, anytime as well as automate tasks and facilitate communications.

Important! You should have received an email after subscribing to Office 365 Integration. Ensure you click Get Started in that email and complete any necessary steps.

Automate Everyday Tasks

With Office 365 Integration, there's no need to toggle between Sage 50 and Office 365 or interrupt your work with manual processes.

Automatic Cloud Backup

Backups are a business necessity. Turn on Cloud Backup, set your backup schedule, and continue working. Cloud Backup runs in the background and automatically backs up your company file to Microsoft OneDrive.

Sage Contacts

With Office 365 Integration, your Sage 50 customer and vendor information is available in Outlook. Make faster decisions with readily available account information.

Note: To connect your Sage 50 company to Office 365 and use Cloud Backup, you must have Global admin privileges in Office 365. Learn more about Office 365 admin roles