Rebuild an Existing Sage 50 Company (Overview)

How Do I...

Rebuilding an existing Sage 50 company involves creating a new company and using the import/export process to transfer your existing data to the new company.

This procedure can be used for the following situations:

  • You want to change the number of accounting periods per year or modify the fiscal year setup.
  • You want to change your company's accounting method from cash to accrual accounting or vice versa.

    Note: You cannot transfer the journal entries from a cash-basis company to an accrual-based company or vice versa. The only items you can transfer are the list items, such as customers, vendors, chart of accounts, and so on.

  • You want to start over and transfer existing data from one Sage 50 company to another.

    Warning! If your company data is damaged or possibly corrupt, it is not suggested that you rebuild your company using this method. It is possible that damaged data will also be present in the new company.

The Rebuild Company process involves the following basic steps:

  1. Set up a new company, copying default settings from an existing company.
  2. Export maintenance record lists out of the old company, and import them into the new company (all in a specific order).
  3. Export journal data out of the old company, and import it into the new company (all in a specific order)
  4. Post all journals, and print the necessary reports to compare the two companies. Then make any necessary adjustments.

    Note: Each step must be completed successfully in the order mentioned above before continuing with the next step.