Manually Match an Imported Bank Record to a Sage 50 Transaction

When you use Sage Bank Feeds or import an bank statement into Sage 50, the records making up the statement are matched to existing Sage 50 transactions. If any matches are made, the matching transactions are listed as autocleared in the list at the middle of the Account Reconciliation window. Any records that cannot be matched are listed as new bank record. Before you can reconcile the account, you need to manually match these bank records to existing Sage 50 records and clear them. Follow these steps:

  1. From the Tasks menu, select Account Reconciliation.
  2. In the Account to Reconcile field, select the appropriate GL account. To display a list of existing accounts, type ? in the field, or click the Lookup button.
  3. Note: To display a list of existing accounts, type ? in the field, or click the Lookup button.

    Sage 50 tries to match and auto clear any imported bank records; any unmatched records appear as new bank records in the list at the middle of the window.

  4. To clear these new records, select the first one in the list, and then right-click the mouse to see the right-click menu. Alternatively, you can click Add/New in the toolbar or use the Quick Action buttons.
  5. From the menu, select Manual Match.
  6. The Manual Matching window appears. It lists all existing Sage 50 transactions that have the same dollar amount as the bank record. (If no Sage 50 transactions are found with a matching amount, you'll see a message to that effect.)

  7. In the list at the center of the window, find the Sage 50 transaction, if any, that corresponds to the bank record, and click the Select option button in the appropriate row. If none of the transactions seems to be a match, click Skip this record.
  8. To match the next unmatched record in the Account Reconciliation window, click OK/Next. A new unmatched record appears in the Manual Matching window along with existing Sage 50 transactions that might correspond to it.
  9. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each remaining unmatched bank record. Sage 50 will tell you when there are no more records to match.
  10. When finished matching, click OK to close the window and return to the Account Reconciliation window.

Important! If an imported bank record is incorrectly matched to an existing Sage 50 transaction, you can unclear it and then manually match it to the correct transaction. (Unclearing bank records is necessary, for example, before importing a corrected bank statement into Sage 50.) Just select it in the list, and click the right mouse button. Notice that the right-click menu offers Clear and Manual Match options.

To remove the match made between these two transactions, select the Clear option. Then, to match the bank record to its actual corresponding Sage 50 transaction, select the Manual Match option. The Manual Matching window appears, and you can make the correct match as described above.