Create a Recurring Entry (Recurring Transaction)

Sage 50 allows you to set up repeating transactions for future dates or accounting periods. You can change or delete a recurring transaction at any time. You can recur sales invoices, purchases, payments, to-do tasks, or journal entries.

  1. Enter a new transaction or open an existing transaction.
  2. Select the drop-down arrow next to the Copy button and select Create recurring. If the transaction screen doesn't have a Copy button, select the Recur button.
  3. Fill out this information in the dialog box:
    • How often do you want to recur this transaction? From this drop-down list select the period of time you want to recur the transaction in. Options include Weekly, Bi-weekly, Every four weeks, Monthly, Per Period, Quarterly, Twice a year, Yearly. The Default is Monthly.

    Note: If you have set up 13 accounting periods for the fiscal year, and you create a number of recurring transactions per period for the date of the 1st, the transactions won't occur on the 1st (for example July 1) of every period. These transactions will occur on the first day of every period, whatever that day happens to be.

    Date Range:

    • Select the Current transaction date using the calendar button, or enter the date. Then choose an end date option.
    • End on : When you select this option you select or enter a specific date to end the transactions recurrences. For example, if selected Monthly for recurring your transaction, with a date of 4/15/11 and you wanted it to recur for the next 6 months, you would set the end date to 10/15/11.
    • End after: When you select this option, you enter the number of occurrence(s) to recur the transaction. For example, if your current transaction date was 4/15/11 and you wanted it to recur 2 more times, you would enter 2 in the occurrences field.
    • No end date: When you select this option, the current transaction will recur within each time period you specified, with no ending date so this transaction will continue to recur indefinitely.

    Reference numbers:

    • Assign invoice numbers: This is optional for invoices and mandatory for purchases. If you are assigning invoice numbers, enter the beginning number for the recurring transactions in the Begin with number field.
  4. To save the information, click OK.