Record Credit Card Purchases

Occasionally your company may want to pay for vendor purchases using credit cards. If set up properly, Sage 50 can track company credit card purchases. In doing so, you can easily reconcile credit card statements before paying monthly balances.

Set up credit card accounts in Sage 50

Before you can begin recording credit card purchases you must set up certain G/L accounts in your company's chart of accounts.

Set up a credit card G/L account

You must set up the credit card company to which you make monthly payments as a vendor.

Set up a credit card vendor for purchases

Enter credit card purchases

When recording credit card purchases, always use Payments from the Tasks menu. You can apply the credit card payment to open invoices or to expenses. You cannot manage credit card payments effectively when using the Amount Paid field in the Purchases window. You will also not be able to edit the invoice, if needed, later.

Enter credit card purchases