Available in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher.

Time & Billing Overview

Time & Billing can track time spent on various activities and record internal use of company resources associated with customers or jobs. If you choose, recorded time and expenses can later be billed to customers on sales invoices. If you use payroll, timed activities can be applied to an employee's paycheck. Time & Billing can also be used to effectively manage administrative activities and overhead expenses for your business.

Who Did What for Whom?

There are many components of Time & Billing. Each affects different areas of Sage 50 in a unique manner.

Who records time and expense?

Either employees or vendors record time and expenses.

For Whom or Why is time and expense being recorded?

Time and expenses are recorded for customers, jobs, or administrative purposes.

How is time and expense recorded?

Timed activities are recorded on time tickets. Expenses are recorded on expense tickets.

What time or expense is being recorded?

Time is recorded using activity items, while expenses are recorded using charge items. Both items are set up in inventory.