Filter a Report

If a report's Modify Report window does not have a Filter Report option, the report cannot be filtered. The filter option is not available on reports where filtering could make reports misleading or incorrect.

To add custom filters to a report:

  1. Open the Modify Report window for the report you want to filter.
  2. Select Filter Report, and Use Your Filtering Specification.
  3. From the Field list, select the boxes (up to four) to filter by.
  4. From the Matching criteria list, select filtering criteria for each box (for example, Starts with).
  5. In the Value box, enter the value the box must have to appear in the report. You must enter at least one number or letter.
  6. (Optional) To filter by more than one criteria, select:
    1. And to include only the records that match the criteria on that line and the next. Or,
    2. Or to include records that meet one or both criteria.
  7. Click OK to display the report.