Icon Windows

The icon window displays a list of records for a specific module. There are six icon windows in Sage 50 Accounting. They are:

In the icon window you can search for a record, add, open, or remove a record, print reports, and display advice about the records in the module. You can choose to show or hide the icon windows.

Displaying Records in the Icon Window

Records can be displayed using various buttons in the icon window toolbar:

Icon view Icon used to indicate icon view

Icon view uses large icons to display your records.

Small icon view Small icon view

Small icon view uses small icons to display your records.

Name view Name view icon

Name view offers the greatest detail because additional information (like balance owing for customers) appears in the window; however, you cannot rearrange the icons in this view.

Note: The Accounts window is arranged by account number; the Inventory and Services window may be in numerical order, depending on how you set up your Inventory and Services Options.

Type view Type view icon

In the Accounts icon window, you can choose to display the account records and balances in a format resembling a financial statement.

Arranging Icons in the Icon Views

When you add a new record, the program places the new icon at the bottom of the icon window. In both the icon and small icon views, you can rearrange the icons into a convenient order for your own company. For example, you can place the most frequently used records at the top of the window, to save time scrolling through other entries to reach them. Or, you can group certain types of records together. You can also drag the icons to position them anywhere on the screen, or sort them alphabetically.

Use these toolbar buttons to arrange your icons quickly:

Arrange icons button Arrange Icons button

This arranges the icons in a grid pattern of rows and columns. Your icons maintain their relative position to each other in this grid pattern. However, you can break the pattern by moving the icons around the window.

This feature is turned off when the Auto Arrange button is turned on.

Re-sort icons button Re-sort Icons button

This feature rearranges your icons alphabetically and numerically.

Note: You may wish to use this command after adding new records, because the program places new records at the bottom of the icon window. Choosing to re-sort icons not only arranges all records in an alphabetical or numerical order again, the program also aligns the icons into a grid pattern.

Auto arrange button Auto Arrange button

This feature locks the icons in a grid pattern. However, you can still move the icons around in the grid.

You can turn this feature on or off by clicking on the button. When this button is turned on, the Arrange icons button is grayed out.

For more information about icon arrangements, see Arrange Icons in the Icon Window.