Available in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher.

About Delivery Orders

Delivery orders1 are forms that are used to record goods being delivered to a customer. The delivery order will reduce the inventory quantity and record revenue and cost of goods sold. You can generate delivery orders independently, or create them by converting a sales order or quote into a delivery order. By doing so, you can track the item order balance in case of partial delivery.

Things to consider when using delivery orders

Delivery order journal entries include amounts for the Cost of Goods Sold, Sales Revenue, and Inventory accounts, as well as for the Uninvoiced Goods & Services account.

These additional amounts and accounts are necessary to meet the accounting requirement to recognize revenue when the customer has control of the goods or has received the service. Furthermore, the journal entries for invoices created from a delivery order, will show a transfer from Uninvoiced Goods & Services to Accounts Receivable, amounts for the GST/HST and PST/QST charged, and gains/losses if the amount charged has changed since delivery.