My Reports

The My Reports feature allows you to store reports that you use frequently and organize them into groups. You can then generate all of the reports in a group at once (batch-generating). This can save a lot of time and is also very convenient if you often find yourself producing the same reports at the same time.

Report Templates

Report templates are reports that you have saved. Saving reports is very useful especially when you regularly use the same layout for a specific report. You save a report template by clicking Save Template in the report's dialog options.

When you save a report as a template, it is automatically added to the report list in My Reports. Group templates together to increase your productivity.

If you save a template with the current session date, the report date changes automatically when you change the session date. If you save a report template with the latest transaction number (for example, in the Payment Transactions report), the Transaction number box in the modify dialog updates with each processed transaction.

Report Groups

Report groups are collections of reports you create to allow you to batch-generate them at the click of a button. This is especially convenient if there are a number of reports that you find yourself looking at simultaneously at regular intervals. For example, if you produce the same six reports at the end of each month, you might create a report group called Month End and add those reports to this group. In order to add a report to group, it must first be saved as a report template.