Fill Out a QST Return

Use the Tax report and the balance sheet to fill out the Quebec Sales Tax Return:

  1. Enter the corrected Total Sales from the Tax report as Total Supplies on the QST Return.
  2. Add the total QST Charged (the amounts in the QST Charged accounts on the balance sheet) to the totals in the QST Payroll Deductions account and the QST Adjustments account, and enter this new total as Total Of QST Collectible And Adjustments on the QST Return.
  3. Enter the total of the Refundable QST Paid account and the ITR Adjustments account in the space provided for Total ITRs And Adjustments.
  4. Follow the additional instructions on the form to calculate your refund or payment.
  5. Note: If you want, you can use the GST-QST Return to calculate your payment or refund for both the GST and QST. For more information about calculating a QST payment or refund, contact the Ministère du Revenu du Québec.

  6. After calculating your QST payment or refund, record the payment or receipt of your refund, then clear the QST accounts in preparation for your next QST reporting period.