Accountant's Copy

An accountant's copy is a copy of your company data that you create and give to your accountant to make General Journal entries while you continue to work with your original company data. Your accountant must be using Sage 50 Accountant Edition in order for you to be able to continue working.

Note: It is a good idea to back up your company data before creating an accountant's copy.

When your accountant finishes working with the accountant's copy, they will give you a file to import into Sage 50 Accounting.

While your accountant has a copy of your company data, there are no restrictions on what you can do, but we strongly recommend that you do not:

  • Delete or renumber any accounts
  • Delete or rename any projects
  • Delete or renumber any departments
  • Delete or renumber any tax codes
  • Delete or modify any currency information

Performing any of the above actions may prevent some of your accountant's entries from importing into your company data.

You must be in single-user mode to create an accountant's copy. If you are in multi-user mode, the Accountant's Copy menu option will be dimmed. Unless you create a user profile with limited access rights, your accountant will have view access to the same information as the sysadmin.

Note: It is not possible to consolidate a company using the accountant's copy. This must be done with a complete copy of your company data.

Important! You can only have one accountant's copy at any given time. If you create another accountant's copy, the existing copy will be cancelled. If you cancel an accountant's copy that your accountant is working on, you will not be able to import any entries made by your accountant using that copy.