Data Conversion Wizard - Introduction

The Data Conversion wizard walks you through the process of converting your Sage 50 company data to an updated format. Typically this is required after you upgrade from a different or older version of Sage 50. At every point in the process, the wizard makes your options clear and tells you the consequences of every action you might take.

Note: Sage 50's Data Conversion wizard only works for company data established in prior Sage 50 releases of equal or lesser versions. For example, you cannot convert a Sage 50 Premium Accounting company (full-featured version) to the Sage 50 Pro Accounting format (entry-level version), even if that Sage 50 Pro Accounting format is newer.

I need instructions for converting QuickBooks data to the Sage 50 format.

Before Starting the Data Conversion Wizard...

Before you launch the wizard, there are some precautionary tasks you may want to perform.

  • Turn off screen savers, disable anti-virus software, and close all other applications including memory managers. This will speed up the conversion process and avoid any errors.
  • Make sure you have ample hard disk space available where your data is located before converting your company. The conversion may require up to thee times the size of your company data to convert successfully, depending on the version you are converting. For example, if your company is 6 MB, make sure 18 MB of hard disk space is free. This does not mean your company will triple in size. Sage 50 uses the extra space temporarily while converting.

Also, while the wizard requires that you back up your company data during the conversion process, you can do so before launching the wizard if you prefer. In either case, backing up company data is highly recommended. Never overwrite an existing conversion backup. How do I back up my company data?

Note: Since the conversion process may take quite a while to complete, we recommend that you start the conversion before lunch or at the end of your business day, making sure you leave the computer running.

Starting the Data Conversion Wizard

After upgrading Sage 50 in a new release (or in some cases installing a product update), the first time you open your company in Sage 50, the Data Conversion wizard appears automatically.

  1. From Sage 50's File menu, select Open Company. If your company is in a prior Sage 50 format, the Data Conversion wizard appears. If it does not, data conversion is not necessary.
  2. The first window, Welcome to the Sage 50 Data Conversion, informs you that your company data needs to be converted.

  3. Once you've finished reading the introductory text, click the Next button to go to the next window in the series, Data Conversion Wizard - Confirm Company.