Add Foreign Currency Prices to Inventory and Service Items

If you chose to use the exchange rate to calculate foreign prices when you set up the method for pricing inventory and service items, skip this step.

To add prices in foreign currencies to Inventory and Services Items:

  1. In the Home window, click the Inventory and Services icon.
  2. All of your inventory and service items automatically use the exchange rate to calculate prices in new currencies. Open the record of an item for which you want to add a fixed price.
  3. Click the Pricing tab and select the currency from the list.
  4. You can set a price for any (or all) of the price lists. To change a price:
    1. Change the Pricing Method to Fixed Price.
    2. Enter a price.
  5. Close the item record. Repeat steps 2-4 for all the items for you which you want to set a fixed price in a foreign currency.

Note: If you buy an item from a foreign vendor, you should consider whether to add import duties to the item record.