Available in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher.

Inventory and Service Item Categories

Inventory and service items can be grouped into categories that make related items easier to locate when preparing transactions, as well as easier to organize in your reports. For example,

How many items can I assign to a category? 

An inventory and service item category can have many items or no items, but an item can be assigned to only one category at a time. Sage 50 Accounting lets you put some or all of your inventory and service items into categories. You can also reassign items from one category to another when you want to update prices for specific items.

Note: When you create a new company, Sage 50 Accounting does not set up inventory and service item categories for you. If you are upgrading an existing company, Sage 50 Accounting does not change your existing categories.

If you use Sage 50 Accounting in multi-user mode, you must switch to single-user mode before you can make any changes to an inventory and service item category or its contents.