Price Discounts

You can offer or receive various types of discounts in Sage 50 Accounting:

  • Early-payment discounts.
  • Permanent customer discounts (for example, a preferred customer discount).
  • Item discounts for inventory and services you sell.

Sage 50 Accounting tracks early-payment discounts in the Sales Discounts account from your list of accounts. Customer and item discounts are not tracked.

Early-Payment Discounts

Early-payment terms are discounts you give or receive for paying an invoice or bill within a certain time. The terms also indicate when the complete invoice amount is due. For more information about early-payment discounts, see Early-Payment Discounts.

Standard Discounts (Sage 50 Premium Accounting)

You can record a discount that applies to everything a customer buys from your company by recording it in their customer record. The discount rate will appear on every sales transaction enter for this customer.

Item Discounts (Sage 50 Premium Accounting)

In the sales quotes, orders, or invoices windows, you can enter an item discount on the same line as the item, or you can create price lists for item volume discounts.

Note: When you email a sales form to a customer, only the Base Price appears on the emailed form. If the form has any item discounts, the discount is displayed after the item.